Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Twittering or Fluttering

The madness will never end. I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now. I just got the opportunity. The nerds are ruling the world. If we say something is cool everyone believes us; we just need to polish the whole concept and sell it. Most times what we do benefits the society and our environment. Meanwhile some other stuffs we tell you is cool is completely useless and a means to get lots of capital in our bank account. Hehehe. Evil right! Don't blame the nerd for creative minds.

Let's see how the whole web 2.0 took over our lives. You have blogs that you cannot keep away from. Then social networking showed up. We have myspace addicts, hi5 addicts, beboers and finally facebookers. Normally every age ranges have some specific social network designed for them but now with facebook, everything has flipped. My Ma, aunty, uncles are all on facebook. I'm still waiting for my Da to join. My only consolation is ma just joined for the heck of it…she doesn't use and she's not on my friend list. Don't forget your super cool search engines…my favourite of all Google. Google is now taking over everything. It has its own social network, mail, blog, video hosting, etc. Then you have the cool bookmarkers, you have your personalised online booksellers and everything-sellers, etc.

Everything is now e-whatnot. Cool! We are in computer age. By 2020, we will be able to undo and redo our wardrobes with a click. That will be awesome! Hehe. Roight, what's up with Twitters? I guess someone really like facebook status box and they decide to create a special widget that will enable you to just update your status every other minute. Everyone is so into it…I deliberately deleted my account when I joined Twitter last year. I hate what everyone is into. I don't follow the bandwagon effect. Twitter is actually more useful to people who has blogs, or something reasonable to inform their readers or followers about. It can be equivalent of rss or blogger's follower. I don't know why everyone, especially people who don't understand its use are crazy about it.

My sister joined it recently and she won't let me breathe. She was practically stalking Cristiano Ronaldo on his twitter page…seating behind her computer all day waiting for his next update. Jobless girl; wasting her holiday on twitter and Ronaldo. It's probably not Ronaldo's real twitter. He might not even be on it. That's what twitter is going to do to your life…it will become a stalker tool… I decide to try it and see what privacy and security options it offers. I can keep my page private hence only those who I approved of will receive my updates. Then I also saw an option, I can ask the system to nudge (via mobile SMS) me if I don't update in an hour. Why do I have to update every other minutes? Sure, it's my choice to do as I like but hey, a lot of people are updating every minute! According to my sister some tell you when they eat, drink and even visit the loo. What the heck??

Even though you might approve of people who read your updates, sometimes your closest friend could be your worst enemy. So tell me why, would you want to inform them off everything you do everyday. If you need to lament about something that is grand or you want to let your readers know about a new blog update, product etc, that is fine. Don't be walking about with your iPhones and Blackberry informing everyone about every steps you take and every things you do. You are just jeopardising your security. It is not bad enough that you are stuck on facebook and you are trying to avoid identity-theft. The more information you leave on the web, the easier it is for hackers to learn more about you; for id-thief to know about you and for stalkers to trace you.

Now to make matter worst…Flutter is trying to over-take Twitter….and I'm sure everyone soon everyone will move on to the next best thing. The bandwagon effect resume all over again...Twitter is not a necessity. If you really need it…use it wisely and use productively.

P.S. I'm now twittering…hehe. I might not use it much though…only to let you know what massive project I'm into…and whatnot. Don't expect to read about my relationships, sleeping habits, my meals and whatever. If you are interested…follow me on

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