Thursday, 22 October 2009

Apple's new magic mouse

advertised as the worlds first multi touch mouse, the magic mouse looks like a beauty to behold, this brief video, explains its many functions.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The new Apple iMac : all in one pc

click here for specification and features

The Nook : Barnes and Noble's new e-book reader

Its called a nook, which kinda sounds like a book, and if you love e-books, this certainly deserves a good look. Barnes and Noble joins Sony and Amazon in the e-book reader market, which is still not high on the popularity stakes. these days ebook readers play mp3 files, audio books, and have wifi connectivity, but still the price tag prevent first time buyers from giving it a try. However, I want a nook, and i believe it will get folks reading books again. i have always believed that the publishing industry had to develop and evolve with the digital times. there are still worries about piracy and the small businesses and publishers that would be affected by the gradual move to a digital format, but i feel books would still be around for a while, and there will still always be those that like the smell of a new book. for now, publishers need to work on e-strategies to take advantage of the digital age and still remain profitable.

here's a look at the nook.

Windows 7 : New features explained

The new Windows Operating system will be released this week, as the whole worlds heaves a sigh of relief, from the disappointments of the Vista OS. Windows 7 promises a definite improvement, and is highly anticipated. News reports even say that it is currently outselling the Harry porter books on pre-release. here is a video detailing what to expect from the new OS and explaining some of its features.

What happens when you smash a PS3 slim into a 46" Bravia TV?

Well, you can watch the clip and find out. The marketing guys over at Sony Australia have come up with the ad for a promotion they are running. All i can say, is that's just crazy! maybe there's something else going on, maybe this isn't real afterall, please tell me it isn't!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Zune HD grand tour

Creative Zen X-Fi 2

Dyson's new fan is bladeless?

Its called the Dyson multiplier and its advertised as a bladeless fan. well, actually there are blades, but you wont find any visible ones. The blades are actually hidden within the cylindrical bottom enclosure, and the air that it produces is then channeled up and pushed out of the circular ring giving the effect of a bladeless fan. its a gimmick that im sure the folks at Dyson would hope they can pull off, and so far they're relying on the beautifully simply design and bladeless tag-line. but then another thing to worry about is the price, this kind of uber cool device rarely comes cheap, perhaps due to it novelty value. it'll cost you $300 or N48,000 for the 10" model and $330 or N52,800 for the 12" model. Is it worth it, i believe certainly not, and more importantly i wonder how effective a bladeless 10" fan would be.

would you be getting one?

Nokia Booklet 3G specs

Nokia Booklet 3G full specification

* Ovi Suite 2.0
* Nokia Music for PC
* Ovi Maps
* Social Hub – keeps track of your social software feeds in one spot and serves as a SMS sender
* Nokia software updater
* Weight (max) 1250 g
* Dimensions (max) 264 x 185 x 19.9 mm
* Intel Atom Z530, 1.6 GHz
* Intel Poulsbo US15W, fanless design
* RAM: 1 GB, DDR2, 533 Mhz, soldered down
* HDD: 120 GB, 1.8”/5mmH/SATA, 8 MB cache, 4200 RPM
* 10.1”, 1280×720 pixels, glass window
* 16 cell, 56.8 Wh, Li-Ion prismatic, removable design
* 802.11 b/g/n, 2T2R
* BT 2.1 + EDR
* Inbuilt 3G modem (data calls only). Different variants: WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 or WCDMA 900/2100 or no modem.
* All modem variants have GSM and GPRS
* Assisted-GPS
* 1 x HDMI 1.2 out
* 3 x USB 2.0
* 1 x headphone out (OMTP 3.5 mm) – with OMTP headsets also functions as audio in
* 1 x DC-in
* 1 x SD card reader
* 1 x SIM / USIM slot
* 1.3 MP front facing camera with integrated microphone
* Frame keyboard
* 2 physical layouts: US (78 keys, 17 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke) and UK (79 keys, 16.7 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke)
* Accelerometer
* Nokia Booklet 3G
* BC-1S battery
* AC/DC power adapter
* Quick setup guide and warranty instructions
* Headset WH-205
* USB charging multi-cable CA-126
* Operating System: Windows 7 Starter Edition, Home Premium or Professional
* MS Office Small Business 60 day trial
* MS Internet Explorer 8
* HDD protection utility, Hotkey utility , Knock Control utility, Power Profile Switcher, Battery Life utility
* Nokia Update Manager
* Ovi Suite
* Ovi Maps Gadget
* Social Hub
* F-Secure Internet Security 2010 trial

Blackberry Bold 2