Thursday, 23 July 2009

Samsung S9110 wristwatch phone unveiled

Samsung announced the S9110 - the world's thinnest wristwatch mobile phone. Sporting a decent (for the class that is) feature set, the fully-touch operated Samsung S9110 is the next device that will try to make all you James Bond dreams come true.

Launched as a direct competitor to the LG GD910, the Samsung S9110 is almost 2mm slimmer, standing at the pretty acceptable 11.98mm. It also packs a larger 1.76" touchscreen and matches its Bluetooth connectivity and speech recognition features.

The Samsung S9110 also puts Outlook sync support to the table but unfortunately lacks the 3G support of the GD910. Well, we guess even with the advance of technology they still had to leave something out to make the S9110 so slim.

The lack of 3G not only means there's no high speed data on the thing, but more importantly - there will be no video calls support. Now that's a bummer, where's the fun in a wristwatch phone that doesn't allow video conferencing?

The Samsung S9110 should be able to offer a built-in speakerphone instead in case you really prefer talking to your wrist rather than using a Bluetooth headset. A scratch-resistant glass take cares of the protection of the little fella's pretty face.

The body of Samsung S9110 is crafted from stainless steel, while the strap is made from leather, giving it some pretty stylish looks.

The Samsung S9110 will hit the shelves in France this month for an estimated price of 450 euro.



Source: Smokie's Writting Pad

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