Monday, 13 July 2009

Top Ten reasons to consider IBM storage for oracle

10. IBM storage offers excellent database performance and scalability as validated by the Oracle ORION tests, for real investment protection as storage requirements grow.
9. Cost-effective pricing – IBM does not charge for capacity, or ports, or hosts; IBM bundles in its multi-pathing solution, and does not charge for software maintenance.
8. IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager integrates easily with Oracle’s preferred day-to-day restore solution, RMAN.
7. Easy-to-use volume copy and snapshot offload production databases for enhanced performance.
6. IBM supports the latest Oracle data lifecycle management capabilities in Oracle 10g and 11g, with multiple partitions and mixed drive types on the same system.
5. Enhanced remote mirroring for disaster recovery in simple Oracle deployments.
4. Competitors may claim that they are better partners with Oracle. The truth is, IBM participates
in all key Oracle programs that the competition touts, and others that the competition isn’t involved with.
3. IBM offers a broad range of best practices for implementation, tuning, replication and data protection, helping to mitigate risk and speed deployments.
2. IBM’s robust storage virtualization offers significant benefits for CAPEX and OPEX.

And the #1 reason to consider IBM storage for Oracle:
IBM offers true enterprise class support for Oracle deployments at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any leading storage vendor.

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