Friday, 31 July 2009

First cut is the deepest…My First Love, my C. P.

I remember him with his sexy, strong, shiny and dark body. Immediately as our eyes connect, I knew I found him. In him I found all the specs I was looking for. I looked up at Dad and said, "I want ". So we went to collect him and head home. Not too long, he made me panic and completely ruined my weekend. I had anxiety issues. It felt like the world was going to end. I had deadlines I need to meet. All my work was on him. I didn't have backup plans. He costed me more than I planned for. I had to get him special accessories; things that should have been built in him.

He gave me backache, heartache and headache. I invested so much of my time in him. I relied on him. Each time I've an important milestone he lets me down. I kept forgiving him yet he never changed. I've tried to hold on. Every time I plan to walk away from him, my workload holds me back. So I kept going back to him. There was a time he refused to light up. I discovered his power was weak. So I took him to the engineering lab and tested his volts. He wasn't returning the right one. I took him back to them. They said they have to send him away for awhile because he was not responding at all. I argued he's only weak at lighting up but they won't listen.

Compaq Presario V500 series

So he went away for a month. I had to spend hours in the lab in order to get work done. I get home at midnight exhausted. It made me wonder why I ever chose him. He was supposed to ease my stress. Yet he kept adding to my stress. When he finally returned and I took him home. He completely messed up. So I went back to them and they listened to me this time. They sorted his weak point and he lighted up. No, the drama didn't stop there. He went down with blue screen errors. He crashed on me in middle of important projects. He taught me how to use "crtl+s" and code simultaneously. A slow "he" for this crazy nerd chick just don't make any sense.

It has been over two years now since we parted. Yes, I took the plunge and walked away. I stowed him away in a remote place. Few weeks ago I retrieved the bag where I kept him. I wasn't even tempted to look at him, so I dumped him out there and left for three weeks. Now, I'm planning to bring him out. Maybe I should fix him or let him rot. He costed me 1700 grand, a PCMCIA card, a bluetooth usb, 4 burnt generic chargers (3 of them blew up), 5 years insurance (my dad insisted on it; complete waste of money and time), expensive calls to HP support/insurance company and a lot of anguish. His charger alone weighted 2 kg. I learnt from him to always check charger's size before purchasing anything.

Sony Vaio C Laptop Series

I now have a new boyfriend. His name is S. V. and we have been together for over 2 years now. He's white, sleeky and sexier than C.P.! Yes, we have our ups and downs. Nothing is perfect. He has driver issues but we are coping. With the help of my WD external hard drive, life has been sailing smoothly. I'm planning to dump him soon. I don't know if I will just get with another lovely S. V. or go for another. So far so good, I've not cry over my S. V. meanwhile my C. P. made me cry so many times. In fact he made me cry too many times. I'm still thinking about his case; maybe I will forgive him and revive him but he and I are so over.

Ever had a device that drove you nuts?

Latifa Ayoola


Simo said...

For the first time I read an article concerning this without falling asleep!! LOL.. gr8 job..I think I am gonna join the group on may be the right opportunity to learn something good in a friendly way.. ;)

sharwlly said...

imaginations of a restless nerd!..intersting though