Monday, 13 July 2009

Q&A : Ebuka's Gadget Life

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was born and raised in Edo state, Nigeria. Prior to appearing on Big Brother Nigeria, he worked as an attorney. Amongst his numerous interests and endeavors he is also a columnist for Thisday newpapers, where he writes a very entertaining weekly column titled "Contrast".

Q: Do you remember your first phone?
A: Of course i remember my first phone! It was an Ericsson T29. I bought it off my elder brother and it didn't last 2 weeks with me. My baby (at the time) nephew threw it in hot oil when i wasn't looking. It hurt so much cos it was a flip phone and those were a big deal then... I bought a weird little Trium phone after that and used it for a year!

Q: What 3 gadgets are impossible for you to live without
A: I'm not huge on gadgets but i'll almost commit suicide if i don't have my two phones, laptop. That's 3 right?

Q: Iphone or Blackberry and why?
A: I own neither even though i believe they both serve their purposes. But if i had a gun to my head, then maybe a BB. I think that there are many more ways to get music on the go but not so many quick and cheap ways to keep in touch like the BB helps do.

Q: Mac or windows and why?
A: Windows for now. Getting a Mac very soon though. Who would not want a Mac?

Q: Top 5 Naija music on your ipod/mp3 player
A: Top 5 Naija songs? Hmmm...
Osondi Owendi by Flavour and MC Loaf;
Jeun Soke by Wande Coal;
Strong Thing by Banky W.;
Igwe by MidNight Crew and
Never Felt by Shank ft D'banj.

Q: Twitter or facebook and why?
A: Twitter. I feel a lot freer there and communication is better. I'm not restricted to saying how i feel by just updating my Facebook status. Twitter is definitely more interactive. I love it.

Q: What is your favorite gadget that you own
A: My laptop definitely. It's nothing fancy. It gets the work done and i can't help but love that fact. I do most of my work on the internet so without this laptop, oh boy! You might as well take my right toe as well...

Q: What is your favorite gadget that you would love to own
A: There's too many to just pick one. I have a list...

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