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Ovi by Nokia... Your Life Connected


Ovi by Nokia is the brand for Nokia's Internet services. The Ovi services can be used from a mobile device, computer (through Nokia Ovi Suite) or via the web ( Nokia focuses on five key services areas: Games, Maps, Media, Messaging and Music. Nokia's aim with Ovi is to include 3rd parties, such as operators and third-party services like Yahoo's Flickr photo site. With the announcement of Ovi Maps Player API, Nokia has started to evolve their services into a platform, enabling third-parties to make use of Nokia's Ovi services. It has some significance in that Nokia is moving deeper into the world of Internet services, where head-on competition with Microsoft, Google and Apple Inc. is inevitable.


Nokia Account

Nokia Account is the Single sign-on (SSO) solution for Nokia's Ovi services and other Nokia services. Today it works as the account also for e.g. Nokia Beta Labs and Nokia Sports Tracker.

Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite allows Nokia mobile users to organize and share their photos and PIM data between their PC and their handset. It is the next generation of Nokia PC Suite and eventually Nokia Ovi Suite will become the only computer application offered by Nokia. Current commercial version of Nokia Ovi Suite is 1.1. A beta version of Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 is also available. A Mac OS X compatible version is expected soon.


Ovi Sync

Ovi Sync allows you to sync your contacts, calendar events and notes to The service can be used as a way to backup your data or to edit it in your computer to then send it back to your phone. There is no auto-sync yet.

Ovi Store

The Ovi Store was launched world wide in May 2009. Here, customers can download mobile games, applications, videos, images, and ringing tones to their Nokia devices. Some of the items are free of charge; others can be purchased using credit card or through operator billing in selected operators. The content in Ovi Store is sorted into the following categories:

  • Recommended
  • Games
  • Personalise
  • Applications
  • Audio & video

Ovi Store offers customers content that is compatible with their mobile device and relevant to their tastes and location. Customers can share recommendations with their friends, see what they are downloading, and let them see the items you are interested

For content publishers, Nokia offers a self-service tool to bring their content to the Ovi Store. Supported content types include: J2ME, Flash applications, widgets, ringtones, wallpapers, themes, and more for Nokia Series 40 and S60 devices. Nokia offers a 70% revenue share of gross sales, net of refunds and returns, less applicable taxes and, where applicable, fixed operator billing costs.

Ovi Maps

With Ovi Maps customers can browse places from all over the world, plan trips, search for addresses and points of interest, and save them on Ovi. To use Ovi Maps in a standard web browser, one need to have Macintosh OSX computer with Safari 3, or Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, and Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or Mozilla Firefox 2 or 3.

If the Ovi Maps 3.0 application (formerly known as Nokia Maps) is installed to your compatible Nokia mobile device, you can synchronise places, collections, and routes between Ovi Maps and your mobile device.

Using Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Map Loader on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, users can download and preload map data and navigator voices to their mobile device. This allows customers to save time and money with when less data is required to be downloaded over-the-air.

Ovi Mail

Ovi Mail is an easy-to-use email address designed for access from your Nokia mobile device and can also be accessed from compatible desktop browsers. The beta phase started on December 2008, and is also available for all Ovi users from 20th of February.

The web mail works with standard browsers such as IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 and is currently available in 15 languages - US English, UK English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Bengali, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal) and Spanish (Spain),

Currently over 35 different phone models with S40 and S60 -platform support Nokias new mail service. According to its website Ovi Mail is a leading mobile email service in Indonesia, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and India.


Ovi Share

Ovi Share is a media sharing website. Originally called Twango the site allows the upload and storage of photos, videos etc. Users can upload media direct from their nokia mobile phone through the share online 3.0 application or can alternately use their PC.

Ovi Files

Ovi Files is an enhanced and re-branded version of the Avvenu "Access and Share" service, which Nokia purchased in December of 2007.

Ovi Files allows users to remotely access files on their Windows PC and Macintosh computers from any web browser or browser enabled mobile device. Files also facilitates sharing/sending of files. With Ovi Files users can choose folders and files they want to be always available and Ovi Files automatically keeps an up-to-date copy stored in a secure, 'Anytime Files' 10GB online storage locker for access, even while their personal computer is turned off.

Ovi Files was made free of charge in July 2009.

Nokia Music Store

Nokia Music Store allows purchasing of music directly on a mobile device or via PC. Download of Nokia Music software for PC is available from

The store is currently available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, & United Kingdom with more countries launching regularly.

When you buy a Nokia Comes With Music device, you get unlimited free music downloads from millions of tracks from the Nokia Music Store for your PC & Mobile. Yours to keep even after your subscription ends.

Nokia Comes With Music is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, & United Kingdom.


The N-Gage 2.0 platform has been integrated into the Nokia N73, Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96 and Nokia 5320 mobile phones. Early in 2008, an updated version of the mobile gaming platform (including its online component - the N-Gage Arena) is going live, according to Nokia. The service worked in the past only with Nokia's N-Gage mobile game consoles, but the company said it will soon work with other devices too.

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