Saturday, 15 August 2009

Nvidia Tegra HD Mobile CPU Devices

Tegra-Based Portable Media Players

Zune HD

NVIDIA brings the ultimate visual experience and exceptional battery life to the new Zune® HD player. Enjoy 720p HD video playback and output, Web browsing, vivid photos, and days of music playback. The NVIDIA®-powered Zune HD puts portable perfection at your fingertips. Learn more.


NVIDIA and its leading ODM partners unveiled revolutionary new

Tegra-based mobile Internet devices (MIDs), including Tegra netbooks

and tablets, at Computex 2009.

The NVIDIA® Tegra™ computer-on-a-chip is the first solution for mobile Internet devices to offer visual computing for high-resolution displays while using so little battery power that 10 hours of HD video playback or Web browsing becomes a reality. Powering rich, always-on Internet, up to 1080p HD video playback, Flash acceleration, and intuitive 3D user interfaces
all while delivering up to 5x the battery life of the competition Tegra delivers the experiences that today’s mobile consumers demand.

Only Tegra can deliver HD Internet and exceptional multimedia capabilities to mobile devices that can go days between charges.

Source: Smokie's Writting Pad

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