Saturday, 29 August 2009

10 Basic Things I hate about Windows

Ever wake up and ask yourself why you are presented with some crappy software or operating system (OS) that makes your working-life miserable? Yes, I've been waking up to Vista for the past two years and it's not even funny. Do you ever wonder why nerds hail Linux or Unix? Well, Linux/Unix is designed for people who for example, hate to be prompt every time on how they need to use their system. Be warned Linux might not be for you because I won't want you to use the RM command to completely delete your whole archive or documents. So here are the things I hate about Windows, especially Vista.

1. I hate it whenever it asks me if I want to "continue". For goodness's sake I did ask Windows to open that application for me, why must I press one more button to open an application!

2. I hate when it suddenly rolls back to the default settings and you can't find any of your files. I panic for a minute because I haven't backed up that very day but I always get my files back.

3. I hate it when it suddenly crashes on me, especially when I'm in middle of scripting, programming or writing a very crucial report. I learnt to backup and save constantly.

4. I hate the useless error messages. E.g. Delivery manager has stopped working!

5. I hate the fact that I've to have an anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-adware all on one OS.

6. Microsoft Office…I cannot count how many times I've specified that I require spell check for only Queens English (Ireland).

7. I hate restoring the system to a previous state. I hate blue screen errors too!

8. I hate repairing and reinstalling corrupt drivers (most times they are caused by spywares and adwares!).

9. Oh yes, my vista didn't come with a "RESTORE CD" or "DRIVERS INSTALLATION CD". They put it on my system and expected me to save it onto a CD or an external drive.

10. VISTA SUCKS…sometimes I just want my XP back but hey I do have XP on my desktop and it has it own issues too.

These are just basics; I don't want to even go into technical details. Windows is a nut case. Just like a life partner, you cannot do with them and you cannot do without them. Even if you go and get yourself a Mac, some day, you will need Windows. Mark my words or ask my twin, SK. I'm dedicating this piece to him and all the Mac lovers out there.


Latifa Ayoola

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