Friday, 6 March 2009

Ubiquitous comes in disguise: REJECTION

Technology is a luxury we have all embraced. It comes with pros n cons of course. Addiction is definitely one of the cons BUT the highest detriment of all is REJECTION. Rejection of one's heart most desire is always painful. How many of you have waited by the phone, checked your mails, expecting a call or message from that significant, so you thought then, person? I'm sure we have all been through these stages hence time after time we have been rejected via technology.Countless times, you expect good news from employers and all you see in your inbox is REJECTION. You apply for a loan and technology bursts your bubble. For a career-oriented person, technology is a sweetbitter-bittersweet part of life. It is part of the balance we must embrace. Without balance nothing will seem right, no? Once again we encounter REJECTION from the steel hands of technology.

The heart wrecking REJECTION of all is break-up. I'm sure at some stage we all have got REJECTED via our own technology. A jerk dumped me by email once; I couldn't read my mails for days after this incident and this for me is a bad sign because I’m absolutely addicted to Gmail; I used to check my mail box every secs with Mozilla Gmail notifier widget. This experience blackens my view of technology for couple of days but I assure you I rejected him via technology too. He tried to lure his way back into my head, so I rejected him via mobile text and MSN instant messages.For once, I let myself go. Just that one time I didn't let my mind completely rule me. I decide to give it a go and end up with the big FAT ILLUSION. I've hardly talk about this, not because it was so special but because I felt so stupid. It was not special at all but my pride was hurt, my intelligence was blemished by that error.

Now I know my intelligence is intact and every ounce of my pride will forever glow. I'm only HUMAN not a technology that accepts REJECTION without an iota of pain, regret or refusal (unless it's told not to). I've realise, every mistake is a blessing and I must never look back and linger too much on it.I've learnt to forgive myself and I do not regret it.

I commend myself for sticking to my values and principle even though they make me look like an old woman (so I was told). It was lesson learnt. Hey, look at me today; I've never been more confident and happier. Notwithstanding, I've been REJECTED by technology a lot after that and it never really hurt so much. It didn't stop me from checking my mails, fb messages, or trying to chat via messengers.I hate been ignored. I used to feel inadequate either if it a male or female person that is ignoring me, it makes no difference, I just feel less appreciated. Trust me; I've been ignored often via instant messengers.

YET, caught in the cold hands of REJECTION again! It used to matter but not anymore. I feel more comfortable in my own skin now. I feel more secured. If I send a friend an IM and don't get an instant respond he/she is probably busy when they are available, they will talk to me. I'm no longer that insecure little girl trapped in a woman's body. I don't see myself through anybody's eyes anymore. I'm just me and I've learnt my friends accept me just AS I AM.


Rejection comes in so many way, we get rejected by at least 10 technology services at once or in sequence every now and then or even daily.

Email, text message, facebook status (I've read about a marriage saga, where the hubby requested for a divorce and the wife was called by a friend all the way from Aussie to confirm), facebook inbox messages, facebook wall messages, facebook relationship status, instant messages, voice mail, twitters (LOL, I know it's possible), even blogville, and etc., can all be your worst nightmare. As much as you embrace your fancy smart phones, notebooks, desktops, social networks, mobile phones, phones in general, beware that they could be your worst ENEMY.


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