Tuesday, 3 March 2009

GreyedOut Giveaway : 10,000 Naira free credit/airtime

Greyed-out Magazine is giving away 10,000 Naira free credit/airtime on any network to one lucky winner. You can also split the amount across different networks.

All you have to do is invite 10 of your friends to THE GADGET GROUP on facebook, send an email to magazine@greyed-out.com listing the names of your invited friends and your name is entered for the draw, its that simple!

If you have previously invited over 10 friends to the group, all you have to do is simply send us their names, and you'll be entered into the draw as well.

The deadline for entries would be the 17th of March and the winner would be announced on the 18th of March 2009. To Win, all of your friends on the your list must be confirmed members of the gadget group.

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