Thursday, 19 March 2009

Q and A with Yemisi, the winner of GreyedOut's Airtime giveaway

Q.Tell us about yourself

A.I am Yemisi Nnamdi-Manuel, from Ondo State and married to Gracious Nnamdi from Delta State. I’m in my 30s. I love anything electronics, gadgets, especially phones, television, games; I just love to know everything about these things.I am a social person who loves music, dancing and interesting stuff. I work in a media house, a newspaper house as a sub editor and columnist, writing on family issues, etc.

Q.How did you hear about the competition?

A.Well, as I’m on face book, I was invited to join GreyedOut magazine's facebook group, The gadget group and after going through the blog, I just loved all the gadgets and phones. I fell in love with it instantly. And there’s no day I don’t go to the blog to check what’s up on it.

Q.Name three gadgets you cant live without and why?

A.I can’t live without my Phone, my camera and television. One, my phone is my companion anytime, any day, I do all kinds of stuff on it, I just love it, second, my camera gets me shots of scenes, people that you can’t just come across anyhow. Third is, I love entertainment, so the TV is my avenue for relaxation, ideas, etc.

Q.In your opinion which Telecommunications network in Nigeria has the best service?

A.Well, I think so far, I’ve been impressed with Etisalat, but Glo is second in terms of services too.

Q.which would you choose and why:

Nokia or Samsung

A.From these, I’ll choose Nokia because of the value of the brand. It’s a good product, apart from Sony Erickson that I use, Nokia is my second favourite brand.

Q.In your opinion why do Nigerians like Gadgets,is it for the functionality or for the cool factor?

A.Lastly, I think most Nigerians, such as me, love gadgets because we are fashion-conscious people, trendy and love to show class. Nigerians love beautiful things and love to show off too (the cool factor). But more important is the fact that time is moving fast and we don’t want to be left behind, so you have to use the latest gadgets to get things done.

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