Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lenovo Thinkpad X300

First class. The X300 is an improvement on the ThinkPad X61. The X300 is light, thin and a direct competitor to the macbook air. It has an inbuilt DVD drive, a rarity in its class of personal computers. At its heart is an amazing solid state drive, and although it may only be 64GB, the drive has no moving parts, is less sustainable to hard drive failures, and performs faster than regular hard drives. There’s a decent 1.2GHz Intel dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Weighing in at just 1.4Kg, with a full keyboard, it certainly is an ultraportable laptop. It looks rugged and sturdy, following the credible ThinkPad design mantra. The X300 has a 13.3 inch screen with a rich maximum resolution of 1440x900 pixels, it also has an inbuilt webcam and a noise canceling microphone for excellent video conferencing. The three USB ports would prove useful to a busy user, and its removable battery is a distinct advantage. The X300 is certainly a business laptop with a lot of class. Costs will vary depending on certain options at purchase.


da vessels said...

I'm really impressed with Lenovo, the x300 is a great improvement of the previous pcs. Though the small HDD will seriously limit its long use and store capabilities, it really is wonderful for the working man. Though, I wonder that if Lenovo is so forward in its products, why hasn't it been able to break the african market, with so many deficient dells and hps, we need new blood in the african market, You are doing a fab job.

chiedu ifeozo said...

Lenovo are being really creative with their new devices, have you seen the A600 all in one, its a breathtaking machine.

However i have found that Lenovo are interested in breaking into the African market, but they concentrate more on South Africa than Nigeria.

there is a larger market here in Nigeria but they seem afraid to enter it, IBM who have a presence in West Africa, has not laid good foundations, and they too concentrated more on the highend server range.

its sad but i hope things change, HP, DELL and now toshiba and sony are controlling the market with HP having the largest share and the most visible presence.