Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Mission One Electric bike

100% Torque without Shifting

On a motorcycle, torque is a visceral feeling. It is the rush of powering out of a curve with your knee sliding on the ground. It is the pull in your gut when you are coming off the line at full throttle. On gasoline bikes, torque means shifting gears, matching speeds, and dropping the clutch. On the Mission One, there is no clutch. There are no gears. There is just 100 foot-pounds of torque, available anywhere between 0 and 60 mph.

Top Line Components

We have complimented our groundbreaking powertrain with the best components money can buy. The Mission One is a superbike in all aspects of the word. The 2010 model comes equipped with: Ohlins inverted front forks, 43mm TiN coated tubes, Ohlins fully adjustable shock, Brembo 4 piston monobloc calipers, Marchesini wheels, and race compound tires.

Regenerative Braking

The Mission One recaptures the kinetic energy of the motorcycle during braking and turns it into electrical energy stored in the batteries. By recapturing energy, the Mission One goes further on a single charge. The Mission One also allows riders to tune their regenerative braking to fit with their riding style.

Recharge Anywhere

The Mission One's onboard charger allows riders to recharge from any standard wall socket. Recharging from empty to full takes 2.5 hours off of a 220V outlet (8 hours off of a 110V). In California, which has the 11th highest electricity prices in the US, "filling up" your bike only costs you $1.96.

Real Time Data Acquisition

The Mission One's data acquisition feature allows riders to capture ride data in real time. Riders can record ride data, such as speed, location, or lean angle; or bike data, such as motor current, battery voltage, or efficiency. Riders can take that data to their computer to analyze their performance, brag to other riders, or prepare for their next ride.

Wireless Enabled

The Mission One is the first wireless enabled motorcycle. It introduces riders to a new way of connecting to their motorcycle. When going to work on their bike, a Mission One rider will take a computer more often than a wrench. Riders will be able to download ride data, check bike status, and update bike settings in a matter of seconds through a seamless user interface.

Low Maintenance Costs

The Mission One lacks a combustion engine. That means no oil changes, no gaskets, no timing belts, no valve replacements, or spark plugs. The list goes on. The Mission One powertrain will cost less to maintain than any comparable gasoline sportbike. The battery pack on the Mission One is modular, allowing for individual sections to be replaced if they fail.

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Terry said...

Does this electric bike need to be registered? I know that an electric bicycle like the Pedego Comfort Cruiser does not.