Friday, 30 January 2009

Blackberry Bold

Beauty and brains. Be Bold. The blackberry bold is definitely one of the best designed blackberry devices; its rounded edges, smooth curves and polished exterior really catch your eye. It is indeed a beautiful phone, and your friends will certainly be jealous, but unlike some other phones, it also delivers when it comes to usability and performance. The bold’s dazzling screen will leave you amazed at its pixel quality, with a resolution of 480 x 320 it offers a truly rich experience when viewing videos and pictures. The keyboard is sturdy yet soft to touch, even with all the gloss it still remains an incredible business phone with almost every application you’d need straight out of the box. The bold exudes class, and a level of sophistication that other phones lack.

BlackBerry Bold - Hands On Tour

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Anonymous said...

I love this phone and was going to9 get it yesterday but heard it was pulled off the market in Europe due to a bug.

Apparently the problem confirmed on the Curve but T-mobile as a precautional measure pulled the bold as well.

Hopefully it will be sorted soon