Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Nook : Barnes and Noble's new e-book reader

Its called a nook, which kinda sounds like a book, and if you love e-books, this certainly deserves a good look. Barnes and Noble joins Sony and Amazon in the e-book reader market, which is still not high on the popularity stakes. these days ebook readers play mp3 files, audio books, and have wifi connectivity, but still the price tag prevent first time buyers from giving it a try. However, I want a nook, and i believe it will get folks reading books again. i have always believed that the publishing industry had to develop and evolve with the digital times. there are still worries about piracy and the small businesses and publishers that would be affected by the gradual move to a digital format, but i feel books would still be around for a while, and there will still always be those that like the smell of a new book. for now, publishers need to work on e-strategies to take advantage of the digital age and still remain profitable.

here's a look at the nook.

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