Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dyson's new fan is bladeless?

Its called the Dyson multiplier and its advertised as a bladeless fan. well, actually there are blades, but you wont find any visible ones. The blades are actually hidden within the cylindrical bottom enclosure, and the air that it produces is then channeled up and pushed out of the circular ring giving the effect of a bladeless fan. its a gimmick that im sure the folks at Dyson would hope they can pull off, and so far they're relying on the beautifully simply design and bladeless tag-line. but then another thing to worry about is the price, this kind of uber cool device rarely comes cheap, perhaps due to it novelty value. it'll cost you $300 or N48,000 for the 10" model and $330 or N52,800 for the 12" model. Is it worth it, i believe certainly not, and more importantly i wonder how effective a bladeless 10" fan would be.

would you be getting one?

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