Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Apple iPad

After years of speculation and independent designers renderings on the internet. The iPad has finally landed. Introduced as apples latest creation by Steve Jobs, many have waited anxiously to see what apple would come up with.

In 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions, the iPad comes with a 9.7" screen and weighs about 0.68Kg, It runs on a 1.0Ghz processor specially designed by apple and uses the iPhone OS. Battery life is rated at 10hrs and about a month of standby, other specifications are wifi connectivity, Bluetooth, microphone, speaker and an accelerometer. 3G connectivity is an optional upgrade that'll cost an addition $130. other options are a keyboard dock, which connects to the iPad in potrait orientation, as seen above, 1024x768 VGA out and 480p support through dock adapter cables, and a camera attachment kit for importing photos from a camera by usb or through an SD card reader.

Managed by iTunes, and running iPhone apps, the iPad is similar to the iPhone. Although the every iPad comes unlocked, enabling it to be used across the globe, it uses the not yet so popular micro GSM sim card, and there aren't any international deals with telecom operators yet, more announcements are expected about that.

One important factor for a lot of people will be the price for the iPad, and how it compares to what we already have available. The iPad starts at $499 ( N75,000) for the base unit with 16GB, $600 (N90,000) for the 32GB and $699 (N105,000) for the 64GB model. When the 3G connectivity is taken into account that makes the most expensive package, $829 (N124,350) which is the 64GB and 3G combination.

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Ify said...

Well I would have tot Apple would use the OSX instead of the iphone OS.. kinda like a macbook on a tablet... But no they had to use the iphone OS...
I'm definitely waiting for the droid.