Thursday, 21 May 2009

10 questions with Abayomi Ogunwale

1.Tell us about yourself (Name, Occupation)

My name is Abayomi Ogunwale. I am a doctor, presently in residency training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

2.How did you hear about the competition?

Well, one of my literary friends on facebook wrote something on my wall about 'GreyedOut' magazine. i can't remember the exact context, but i got the name of the mag and assumed it was a literary mag for poems and short stories, so i copied out the URL and went to the site.

I liked the concept and while scrolling through the site and reading the articles, i saw the advert, checked the date and saw it was still ongoing.So i decided to answer the trivia.

3.Name three gadgets you cant live without and why?

My laptop.Well, it is my life.A one stop entertainment cum educative cum professional assistant.I need it for all i do.Write, browse, watch films when i am on call,for music and for medical presentations.

My phone.Without it, i am like a jeep stranded in the middle of a dessert.Useless and virtually incommunicado.

My Sony Walkman MP3 player.I love music and the mp3 player allows me to relax while i move about at work.Also it shuts out unwanted conversations and allows me brood over my ideas.

4.In your opinion which Telecommunications network in Nigeria has the best service?


in each question, choose one and tell us why.

5.Nokia or Samsung

Nokia.The victory of Durability over beauty.I love the sound production of the higher series of Samsung, but when you buy a Nokia, you buy a quality product that combines ruggedness with beauty and a touch of class.

6. HP or IBM

HP of course.To be honest ,i have never used an IBM product, except a flash drive.So i am somewhat biased and a little uninformed about IBM products.I have seen the Lenovo think pad and the idea pad.And,While you can say the graphics/screen resolution edges the Hp pavilion series for example.It is the way Hp has succeeded in weaving a sassy design with quality, durable hardware and a slimmer look that appeals to me. HP; again.

7.CD or Mp3

MP3.Space is scarce and speed is essential.MP3 delivers music whenever you need it and 'on the go' except maybe on a large scale or say in a car. But then a good sound box with surround effect will solve that problem.CD players are too big.

8 iphone or blackberry

Blackberry.I have used one before and i like the QWERT pad and the ease of typing texts, emails and pushing mails.But an Iphone is a fine toy, but a bad phone.Bad picture resolution and narrow virtual key pad.Maybe it surfs the net better, but my laptop is always there for that.Too many functions were cramped into the iphone.A blackberry is still my idea of a smartphone for the young executive who values his business above pleasure.

9.In your opinion why do Nigerians like Gadgets,is it for the functionality or for the cool factor?

The Cool factor. We are not technologically educated enough to fully grasp the full uses to which the gadgets we own can be employed.Most people do not even read the manuals that come with these gadgets.But Nigerians know what is in vogue and will want to be seen to be up to date.

10. what do you think about the growth of Nigerian based technology manufacturers.

Things are improving, but there is no infrastructural backbone to support the minimal growth.Little or no research, no innovation and a chronic shortage of trained hands.The problem with the Nigerian Based Technology manufacturers like Zinox for example is just the perennial Problem of Nigeria:They are long on promises but so short on delivery!


Benedict Smatt said...

Congratulations my guy, i wished i beat you to it to win that lovely prize, but you deserved it, have fun men.

abayomi ogunwale nathan said...

thanks man.That was a nice thing to say.Everything good will come to us all like sefi atta says.I am waiting for the online mag proper.Lets get this party started!!!